How to record when goods are received

Why record receipt of goods?

When goods arrive from a supplier (known as a vendor in Wiise), you’ll first need to confirm that the items ordered are correct. You can then process receipt of the goods in Wiise.  This will increase the quantity of the items in Wiise and update the available stock.

How to receive goods against a purchase order

1. Log in to Wiise from your mobile, tablet or any browser.

2. From the role centre, which is the front page of Wiise, select Purchase Orders from the Purchase menu.  This will display your list of purchase orders. 

3. Select Search and type the vendor’s name, the purchase order number or vendor number.  The list will display all the purchase orders found.

4. Select the purchase order you want to receive the goods against.

5. Now check the quantity of goods received against the Qty. to Receive on the purchase order.   

6. If you didn’t receive everything, change the Qty. to Receive column to the correct quantity.  This will update the Qty. to Invoice value and adjust the invoice totals automatically. 

7. Select Post and then select Receive.

8. This will update the Qty Received value on the purchase order and the inventory of the item. So, when someone checks what’s in stock, the quantity will be up to date.