How to record payment to a supplier

Why process vendor payments?

When your business pays money to a supplier (in Wiise they're called vendors) for items, expenses or charges, you'll need to record the payment.  This allows you to track what payments are due when, what the payments are for, and which payments are still outstanding.

In Wiise, we call this creating a payment journal.

How to create a payment journal for vendor payments

Follow these steps to record payment for different purchase invoices in Wiise, including invoices that are due now or on the same date.

1. Log in to Wiise from your mobile, tablet or any browser.

2. Search for Create Payment and select Create Vendor Payments. This will display your list of outstanding purchase invoices for all your suppliers. 

3. To select the invoices that you want to pay, select the ellipsis, and then click Select More.  

4. Now tick the box on the left of the line of the invoices that you want to pay.  

Note: If you only have one invoice to pay, don’t use the Select More option, simply highlight the line. 

5. Select Process in the navigation bar and then select Create Payment.  You'll see the Edit — Create Payment option page.

6. Enter the Posting Date you’re making the payment for. And confirm the Bank Account the money is being taken from.

7. Now select OK.  The Payment Journal page will open, showing new entries for your selected invoices.  The payment lines created will show the full amount owing on the outstanding invoice. 

8. Then enter the Payment Method Code if needed (this is how the invoice is paid, such as credit card or PayPal, and can be reported on later).

9. If you want to change the amount that you’re paying to the vendor, change the value in the Amount field.

10. Now review the payments and check that the details are correct.

11. To preview the total, select Actions then Posting, and select Test report.

12. Select Preview on the report option page.  A test report for the payments will display. 

13. When you’re ready to complete the payments, select Post/Print in the navigation bar and select Post & Print.  

14. Finally, Wiise will ask you to confirm if you want to post the journal — select Yes to post.

15. If there's no errors, a confirmation message will let you know that the journal was posted successfully.