How to record goods you’ve purchased

Why complete a purchase order?

To record goods you've purchased in the general ledger you'll need to send a purchase order with details of what you want to buy.

When an invoice arrives from a supplier, check it against the purchase order in Wiise. Once you’ve confirmed the pricing and total is correct, you need to complete the purchase order.  This allows you to keep track of the amount owed on the vendor card and records the expense in the general ledger in Wiise.

How to complete a purchase order

1. Log in to Wiise from your mobile, tablet or any browser.

2. From the role centre (the Wiise homepage), select Purchase Orders from the Purchase menu.  This will display your list of purchase orders. 

3. Select Search, and type the vendor’s name, the purchase order number or vendor number.  The list will display all the purchase orders found.

4. Next, select the purchase order you want to complete.

5. Enter a Vendor Invoice No.

6. When you’re ready to complete the purchase order, select Post.  Then select Receive and Invoice. This will check the detail and create a posted purchase invoice.  The existing purchase order will be deleted.   

7. Wiise will ask if you want to open the posted invoice - select Yes to see the posted purchase invoice.  You can then choose to print the document to PDF or email it to someone. Or to close the posted purchase invoice page, select ESC

8. Wiise will keep a record of the invoice against the vendor. You can see the transaction history by going to the Vendor Ledger Entries or by selecting History and selecting Vendor Ledger Entries from the Wiise Role Centre on the homepage. 

9. Wiise will also create a record of the transaction in the General LedgerAccounting for GSTAccounts Receivable and Costing