How to record a payment from a sponsor

Why register a sponsorship payment?

When a sponsor pays your business via cheque, credit card, cash or direct transfer to your bank, you need to record the receipt in Wiise. This marks the sponsorship sales invoice as paid, and helps you keep track of outstanding payments.  

How to register a sponsorship payment

1. Log in to Wiise from your mobile, tablet or any browser.

2. Search for Register Customer Payments and select Register Customer Payments – Tasks. This will display the Register Customer Payments page with a list of unpaid customer invoices.

3. If the Due Date is red, the invoice payment is past its due date.  

4. To record a payment into your bank, find the invoice that the sponsor has paid.

5. Tick the Payment Made field.

6. Now enter the payment date in the Date Received field or select the Date Picker to use the calendar.

Note: when you enter dates in Wiise, you don’t need to use / or between the numbers.  For 1st June 2020, you can enter 010620 and it will convert the value to 01/06/2020 for you.

10. Now check the Amount Received value.  This will automatically be filled with the value from the Remaining Amount field, but you can change this value if you need to.

11. The Date Received value will be red if it is past the due date. You can still receive payment; this is for your information only.

12. If you want to see a preview of the completed payment, select Posting and then Preview Posting Payments.  Wiise will show you a preview.

  • Select No. of Entries to see the transactions Wiise will create after posting.
  • Wiise will show you any errors encountered during the process.  This gives you a chance to fix them before you complete the payment to the bank account and general ledger in Wiise.

4. When you’re happy with all the entries and are ready to complete the payment/s, select Posting and select Post Payments.

5. Wiise will ask you to confirm that you’re ready to complete the payment/s — select Yes to post.

6. The lines that you posted will now be deleted.  The lines that didn't have payments allocated will stay on the Register Customer Payments page.