How to print or send an order to a supplier

Why send or print a purchase order?

Some suppliers require a purchase order before they’ll send the goods to your business.  A purchase order is an order form with details of what you want to buy. Once you’ve created a purchase order in Wiise, you can print it to PDF (a document format that can’t be edited) and send it to the supplier.

How to send a purchase order to a supplier

1. Log in to Wiise from your mobile, tablet or any browser.

2. From the role centre, which is the front page of Wiise, select Purchase Orders from the Purchase menu. This will display your list of purchase orders. 

3. Select Search and type the vendor’s name, the purchase order number or vendor number. The list will show all the purchase orders found.

4. Select the purchase order you want to send.

5. Then select Print/Send

6.    To create a PDF of the purchase order,  select Print.

  • The Wiise Purch. Order Conf AU option window will open
  • Select Send to… and then PDF to create the document as a PDF.  You can now send the purchase order to the supplier for processing

7.  To send an email with the purchase order attached as PDF, select Send.

  • The Edit – Send Document To option window will open
  • Select Yes (Prompt for Settings)PDFNo and No:  
  • Now select OK
  • The Edit – Send Email option window will display with the detail that will show in the email
  • Select OK when you’re ready to send the email. And you're done!