How to link Wiise Payroll locations to Wiise Dimensions

On the Locations page, you can see the locations you’ve created in Wiise Payroll automatically copied into Wiise. This helps you assign dimensions based on how you want to report on the payroll cost by location. When you import a pay run into the payroll journal, the entries are then grouped by their dimension values.

Mapping (or linking) locations to dimensions is only used when importing a pay run from Wiise Payroll into the payroll journal in Wiise. This mapping is not used in Wiise timesheets and when the timesheets are sent to Wiise Payroll. In other words, if you use dimensions in Wiise timesheets, they do not translate to locations when the timesheets are sent to Wiise Payroll.

If you want to know more about adding dimension values to employees, take a look at How to set up reporting categories (dimensions) for employees.


How to link dimensions to a location.

Before you start, you'll need to have payroll administrator access to complete this step. Here’s how to set that up: 

  1. From the Wiise role centre, search for and select User Setup. 
  2. Find the USER ID you want to give payroll administrator access to. 
  3. Tick the box in the PAYROLL OFFICER column at the far right of the line. 

Here's how to connect dimensions to a location:

  1. From the Wiise role centre, select Payroll in the navigation bar, and then select Locations
  2. Next, highlight the location you're adding dimensions to in the Location List. Then select More options > Related > Dimensions > Dimensions-Single.  You can add dimensions to a number of selected locations at the same time by using Dimensions-Multiple
  3. In the Location Default Dimension page, select a DIMENSION CODE and a DIMENSION VALUE CODE.  You can add up to 3.
  4.  When you've finished, you can close the Location Default Dimensions page. 

You'll need to repeat this process if you add a new location in Wiise Payroll.  And you'll be prompted to assign dimensions to any new locations when you import the pay run.


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