How to link employee records from Payroll to Wiise

Why map employee records?

This is how you link an employee in Wiise Payroll to their employee record in Wiise.  

How to link an employee from Wiise Payroll to Wiise

Before you start, you'll need to have payroll administrator access to complete this step. Here’s how to set that up: 

  1. From the Wiise role centre, search for and select User Setup. 
  2. Find the USER ID you want to give payroll administrator access to. 
  3. Tick the box in the PAYROLL OFFICER column at the far right of the line. 

Let's continue. After you’ve created an employee in the Payroll system, they’ll be created automatically in Wiise. 

If the mapping is not correct (the Payroll employee isn't linked to the right record in Wiise) you can update it manually:  

  1. First, select Payroll from the Wiise role centre, then select Employees.  
  2. From the ribbon, select Manage > Edit List. 
  3. To link the Payroll employee to the correct Wiise employee record, update the EMPLOYEE NO. (This is the employee’s number in Wiise.) Wiise will only let you map one Wiise employee to one Wiise Payroll employee.  You can leave it blank until you need it for importing a pay run – the pay run import would then fail and show you which employee to map. 
  4. When you’re finished, you can close the Employees page.