How to filter documents to apply or review payments

You can set up a filter to see specific open entries (payment lines) in a payment reconciliation journal.  This lets you view detailed matching information Wiise uses to apply a payment. You can manually apply payments here or reapply payments that were added incorrectly. 
  1. Form the Wiise role centre, search for and select Payment Reconciliation Journals.
  2. Open the payment reconciliation journal for the bank account that you want to match payments for. 
  3. Now, in the Payment Reconciliation Journal window, highlight a payment that you want to review or manually apply to one or more open entries.
  4. Then in the ribbon, select Manual Application > Search Entries to Apply.
  5. In the Search Entries To Apply window, enter the Document No. You can also filter by Due Date and / or by Remaining Amount. You can do multiple searches without closing the window. And you can include symbols and special characters when you're searching for data. (See more detail in Entering Criteria in Filters).
  6. In the ribbon, select New > Apply Filter.
  7. Tick the APPLIED check box on the entry line that you want to apply the payment to.
  8. The payment amount (also shown in the TRANSACTION AMOUNT field in the Payment Application window), is shown in the Applied Amount field. But you can modify the field if, for example, you want to apply the amount to several open entries.
  9. You can apply a part of the paid amount to another open entry for the account to, for example, apply a lump-sum payment. To do this, select the Applied check box for the line. The applied amount is automatically deducted from the transactions amount — it will show the distribution on the two open entries.
  10. To apply part of a payment to open entries that don't exist in the database, create a new line under the line for the same account. In the Applied Amount field, enter the amount to apply on the new line. And then you can adjust the Applied Amount field on the existing line.
  11. Repeat steps 6, 7, or 8 for other open entries that you want to apply a full or part payment amount to.
  12. When you've reviewed a payment application or manually applied payment to one or more open entries, select Review > Accept Application in the ribbon to finish.
  13. The Search Entries To Apply window will close. And in the Payment Reconciliation Journal window, the value in the Match Confidence field is changed to Accepted. This tells you that you've reviewed or manually applied the payment.