How to complete an EFT payment

Where are you in the EFT payment sequence?

Setup EFT data > Create EFT payment > Complete EFT payment  

How to upload an ABA file

Once you’ve created your ABA file, you can upload it to your business’s online banking system and approve the payments.  

Note: Your business will need to have an APCA (Australian Payments Clearing Association) ID to process payments in your online banking system and process EFT payments. This six-digit number shows your business is approved by the bank to use the payment system. 


How to post a payment journal

After you’ve created an EFT payment (ABA) file and checked that the journal lines are correct, you can post the journal.  

  1. Start from the Wiise role centre, and select Cash Management > Payment Journals. Then open the payment journal you want to post. 
  2. Select Post/Print > Post from the ribbon. 
  3. Wiise will ask if you want to post the journal lines — select Yes.  
  4. This creates a posted EFT document. 
How to view an EFT document

An EFT document contains all the payment details included in the EFT file.  

Viewing details of all your EFT payments is simple: 

  1. In the Wiise role centre, search for EFT List. 
  2. Then select the No. of the EFT document you want to see. 


How to print a remittance advice

You can also print a remittance advice or send it to the vendor you’ve paid (it'll go to the email address on each vendor card). 

  1. To print remittance advices for all vendors: 
    • Select Print All 
    • Select Print & Email Selected 
  2. To print remittance advices for selected vendors: 
    • Select Print Selected 
    • Select Print & Email Selected 


How to view the EFT register

You can see all your EFT payment file details in the EFT register. 

Every time you create an EFT file, Wiise adds it to the EFT register. This shows detailed vendor payments from the EFT file. And you'll be able to see any EFT payment files that you cancelled before you posted the journal. 

  1. From the Wiise role centre, search for and select EFT register.