How to add a new supplier record

Why create a new vendor card?

To record your suppliers in Wiise you create new supplier records – in Wiise, these are called vendor cards. 

Vendors supply the items that you sell.  Every vendor that you purchase from must be registered in Wiise by creating a vendor card. This allows you to track your expenses with individual vendors, see what amounts are owning, and automatically populate Wiise documents with the selected vendor’s details.

How to create a new vendor card in Wiise

1. Log in to Wiise from your mobile, tablet or any browser.

2. From the Role Centre, which is the front screen of Wiise, select Vendors.  This will display your list of vendors. 

3. Select + New  

4. Wiise will then create and display a new vendor card with some of the fields completed for you.

5. Fill in or edit the fields on the vendor card as needed. A field with a red asterisk must (*) be completed.  For more information, hover your mouse cursor over a field to read a short description. 

6. That's it! You’ve now registered your new vendor, and the vendor card is ready to use on purchase documents.



  • If you need to add multiple contacts or delivery addresses, you'll be able to do this within the record. And you'll be able to set up a parent-child relationship with head offices and related branches. 
  • if you’re creating a purchase or sales document and you find that your vendor or customer doesn’t have a record in Wiise, you can add them from within the document.  
Add multiple customers and vendors quickly with these shortcuts
  • To add a note to a record (customer or vendor cards for example) select Apt+O
  • To pop-out the page you’re working on to a separate window, select Alt+Shift+W