Get alerts on Microsoft 365 Service Health


  • Learn how to check Microsoft 365 service health in your Microsoft 365 admin centre. 
  • Find out how to receive notifications and alerts for your Microsoft 365 service health. 

Why do you check Microsoft 365 service health? 

Your business needs to check Microsoft 365 service health, which covers all Office 365 products, including Teams, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, to monitor service status and performance and identify any outages or issues affecting operational functionality. 


Note: Your Microsoft global admin, Service Support admin or Helpdesk admin can check the health status of your business’s operational functionality.  

How to check Microsoft 365 service health? 

  1. Login to your Microsoft 365 Admin Centre.  
  2. Select Health on the left-side menu pane. From the Health drop-down menu, select Service health. The Service health dashboard displays. 
    Service Health pane
  3. The Service health page shows the health status of your cloud service.  
    service health page
    1. Select Overview to be directed to your dashboard where you can view when there are any issues your business needs to solve, check any issues Microsoft is working on and view the service status.  \
    2. Select Issue history to view all incidents that have been resolved in the last 30 days. 

Note: When you experience an issue with Microsoft 365 and when it’s not listed on the Service health page, please report the issue to Microsoft Support. Select Report an issue to log your issue. You can view your reported issues on the Reported issues tab on the Service health page.  

How to receive notifications and alerts?  

To stay updated on Microsoft 365 Service health issues you’ll need to set up notifications.  

  1. In your Microsoft 365 admin centre, select Health, then select Service health.  
  2. Select Customise. Then, select Email.  
  3. Select the box for ‘Send me email notifications about service health’. The action expands a list of services and issue types that you can select to be notified and alerted via your updated email address.  
    notification selection
    Note: You can update additional email addresses besides your primary email to receive notifications and alerts about your Microsoft 365 service health status.
    1. Once you’ve made your selection, select Save.  
  4. You’ve enabled notifications and alerts to your Microsoft 365 service health status.  

Note: When you’re unable to sign in to the admin center, you can use the Microsoft service status page to check for known issues preventing you from logging into your Microsoft 365 environment.  


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