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  • Understand instructions for completing your FBT return in Australia 

Note: Find out everything you need to know about Fringe benefits tax FBT) and how FBT affects you and what you need to do with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).  

How to fill out the FBT form? 

Note: Filling out the FBT form is a manual process where you’re required to manage record keeping that’ll help your auditors with reconciliation.  

Enter information about the client in the Business details section covering items 1 to 13 of the return

1 Tax file number (TFN) 

Write the TFN of the employer in the boxes provided. Make sure your TFN matches your FBT registration, particularly if you operate through a trust.  

2 Australian business number (ABN) 

If your business is registered in the Australian Business Register, enter the ABN in the form.  

Note: Make sure the ABN you provide is associated with the TFN you entered in item 1

3 Name of trustee or senior partner 

If your business is a partnership or a trust, enter the senior partner's or trustee's name in this section. 

4 Name of employer 

Enter the name of your business. 

5 Postal address 

This is the address where the ATO sends all correspondence about the return. You can find the postal address on the customer card in the Address & Contact section.  

6 Previous name and/or postal address 

Enter your business name or address if either has changed since the last time you lodged an FBT return. 

Note: If your business name has changed, you may need to include evidence of the name change. This can be, for example, a change of name certificate from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASICS) or from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. 

7 Current business/trading name and/or address 

Only update this section if your business/trading name and/or address has changed since last year, or if this is your first FBT return. 

8 Previous name of trustee or senior partner 

Enter the name of the trustee or the senior partner from the last FBT return if your details have changed. 

9 Name of the person to contact 

Enter the contact details of the person the ATO can reach for more information about the return.  

10 Number of employees receiving fringe benefits 

Enter the number of employees receiving fringe benefits during the period the return covers. This must include former employees who received fringe benefits during the period. 

11 Hours taken to prepare and complete this form 

Indicate the number of hours you’ve taken to prepare and complete the form. Do not include the tax agent’s time.  

12 Do you expect to lodge FBT return forms for future years? 

If you select No, the ATO cancels your fringe benefits tax registration. If you select Yes, FBT instalments appear on your next activity statement. 

13 Electronic funds transfer (EFT) 

Enter your business bank information. The ATO needs this information to pay a refund to you by electronic funds transfer. 

Return Calculation details 

Note: In the return calculation details, you’ll enter details of any fringe benefits given to employees. This section of the form contains fields calculated based on the information you provide. Find out how to calculate your FBT from ATO provided tools.  

14 Calculated fringe benefits taxable amounts 

Identify the category the fringe benefits belong to: 

    1. Type 1 aggregate amount, if you can claim a GST credit for the goods and services you purchased to provide fringe benefits. 
    2. Type 2 aggregate amount, if you can't claim a GST credit. 
    3. Aggregate non-exempt amount, if your business is a not for profit.

15 Fringe benefits taxable amount 

Calculate the total value of fringe benefits paid to employees from item 14 above.  

16 Amount of tax payable 

Calculate the tax payable of item 15.  

Note: Items 17, 18 and 19 only apply if you’re a rebatable employer. Your business qualifies for the FBT rebate if it is a non-government organisation. Your business can also be FBT exempted. 

17 Aggregate non-rebatable amount 

This item applies only if you’re a rebatable employer.  

18 Amount of rebate  

This item applies only if you’re a rebatable employer. If your business can claim the rebate, calculate item 16 amount less item 17 amount.  

19 Sub-total 

This item applies only if you’re a rebatable employer. This is item 16 amount less item 18 amount.  

20 Less instalment amounts reported on activity statements 

Enter the total of the Fringe Benefit tax instalments you've reported on activity statements for the last year. 

21 Payment due 

If you must pay FBT of $3000 or more for the year, in the next year you must pay quarterly FBT installments.  

22 Credit due to you 

Enter the credit due to you from the activity statements you received for the last year.  

23 Details of fringe benefits provided 

This section of the return helps you figure out the taxable value of the fringe benefits your business offers to employees. You can enter: 

    1. The number of items cars, houses or apartments, or loans client uses to provide fringe benefits. 
    2. The taxable value of the fringe benefit. 
    3. The employee's contribution (if any). 
    4. The amount employees could have claimed as an income tax deduction if the client hadn't provided the fringe benefit. 

24 Tax agent’s declaration 

If your tax agent helped you complete the FBT return, have them complete the declaration in this section.  

25 Employer’s declaration 

This section is required if you as the employer lodges the return. The employer’s signature can be the proprietor, partner, public officer, trustee or, for government departments and authorities, and delegated officer.  

Note: The FBT return will not be regarded as lodged unless an appropriate declaration has been signed by the tax agent or the employer.  

Note: You must lodge your return and pay the FBT you owe by 21 May unless your tax agent lodges your return electronically. In this case the due date is 25 June. 


What’s next? 

Find out how to make FBT payments for your employees via the Business Activity Statements.  


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