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How to work mouse-free with quick entry

When you’re working through a stack of receipts or a mountain of data entry, or registering lots of new items, you’ll need to move through lots of actions on a page. By setting up Quick Entry, you can use the Enter key to move through the fields or lists, mouse-free. You get to decide which fields to include so you don’t have to move through everything on a page. 

This helps you to move through fields or lists on your computer screen quickly, without having to use your mouse.  

How to set up Quick Entry 

You can set up Quick Entry using the Personalisation function. This lets you include the fields you want to see on a page, and skip non-editable fields or fields you don’t usually fill in. 

  1. Start by selecting the My Settings icon, and then select Personalise
  2. Select a field that you want to include or exclude, or in lists, select the column heading. Then select either Include in Quick Entry or Exclude from Quick Entry.  

How to use Quick Entry 

Fields that you mark as included in Quick Entry will be included in the path (your journey through the page) when you press Enter. Fields you mark as excluded won’t. 

When you’re finished entering data in a field, just press Enter to confirm the changes and go to the next field. Made a mistake? Not a problem. If you want to go back, press Shift+Enter. 

Need to get to a function not included in Quick Entry? 

Sometimes you might need to get to other actions on a page that you haven’t included in Quick Entry. For example, you’re in a sales order and you don’t normally enter a Requested Delivery Date, so it’s not included in Quick Entry. But this time you need to add it for a particular customer.  Just select Tab and Shift+Tab to move to the action you need. 


Speed up your day with mouse-free data entry shortcuts

Here are some more mouse-free data entry shortcuts to help you create a stack of documents, such as sales invoices or purchase orders, quickly: 

  • To go to the next/previous Quick Entry field, select Enter/Shift+Enter 
  • To go to the next Quick Entry field outside the list you’re viewing, select Ctrl+Shift+Enter 
  • To copy data from the cell above, like when you add the same item in the next line of a purchase order, select F8
  • To add a new line in a document, such as when you add another item to a sales invoice, select Ctrl+Insert
  • Added a line to a document, journal or worksheet by mistake? To delete it, just select Ctrl+Delete
  • To jump to the next section of a document, like from the General section to the Invoice Details section in a purchase order, select F6.  
  • To move to the previous section, select Shift+F6