How to cancel EFT payments

Why would you cancel an EFT payment?

Sometimes you may need to cancel an EFT payment file. This might be because you can’t find the right the ABA payment file, or you made an error in the journal.

How to cancel an EFT payment
  1. From the Wiise role centre, select Cash Management > Payment Journals. Then select the payment journal you want to cancel the EFT payment for. 
  2. From the selected payment journal, select Process > Cancel EFT Payment Export from the ribbon.  
  3. This will cancel the EFT register and remove the EFT Register No. from the payment journal lines. You’ll need to manually delete or remove the ABA file that was generated by the payment journal. 

Note: It’s much easier to cancel the EFT payment file before you post the payment journal. Otherwise, you’ll need to reverse the posted payment journal entries.  

Note: If you just want to make changes to the EFT payment file after you’ve created it, you’ll still need to cancel the EFT payment file. Then you can make your changes to the payment journal lines and generate a new EFT payment file.