About landed cost

What is landed cost?

Landed Cost is the total expense of receiving goods where they're sold at retail. It includes the item's retail purchase price, transportation costs, duties and taxes.  

The Landed Cost feature lets you update planned receipt dates from the Landed Cost Receipt (you might know this as a Warehouse Receipt). And it lets you capture goods shipment information so you can create an invoice for the goods and their shipment.

Landed Cost functionality gives you these features:

  • Multiple locations
  • Item charges
  • Purchase order management
  • Purchase invoicing
  • Warehouse management

Landed Cost functionality lets you:

  • Update purchase order planned receipt dates on the Landed Cost Receipt
  • Automatically update stock values and/or cost of sales with their landed costs
  • Have multiple workflow input stages so you can split the process between warehouse staff, financial staff and accounts payable staff for example
  • Correct mistakes easily
  • Charge variable rates of GST including 100% GST
  • Report on shipments and cost types by item, item category etc
  • Link with Advanced Warehousing functionality including Cross Docking