Wiise Upgrades six-monthly major releases


Wherever possible Wiise upgrades all clients to the version 2 instance of Microsoft Business Central major releases. 

Business Central (BC) updates often include new features and changes to or removal of old features. And this could affect your PTEs (per tenant extensions).

Wiise partners should check and compile their customers' PTEs in preparation for the upgrade. This is because incompatible PTEs may cause the BC upgrade to fail.

When do the upgrades happen?

Microsoft Major Releases occur in April and October. Wiise then aligns updates to the version 2 version of the platform and month-end and year-end activities. This usually means updates will occur in July and January. Wiise will always give partners plenty of notice so they can complete their updates before the upgrade.


Partners will need to make sure that PTEs are:

  • Upgraded to the latest build of Business Central as per steps outlined in the next section 
  • Tested by the partner/customer (with sign off from the customer that it works as expected)
  • Ready for the Wiise six-monthly upgrade release

What you need to do

We recommend preparing for the upgrade by reviewing the details of the Microsoft release, particularly in the areas affected by your PTE.

  1. You can create a sandbox environment to test the upgrade of your PTE on the latest Business Central version. You can do this through the admin portal as soon as Microsoft has released the latest version. 
  2. Once you've created a Business Central sandbox on the latest version, download the latest symbols.
  3. Build the PTE source code against the latest symbols.
  4. If there are no build errors, then the PTE should upgrade successfully without further work.
  5. It's important to fix all errors while building.
  6. Once the build is error-free, use the sandbox to test your PTE’s functionality, as the logic or UI may be impacted by Microsoft’s changes.
  7. Wiise will let you know when the Wiise sandbox environment is available to install the upgraded PTE.  Upload the PTE in the Wiise sandbox environment via the extension management page with the Deploy to field set to Next major version
  8. We'll perform a test upgrade of the sandbox environment before the production upgrade. This ensures that the tenant can be upgraded to the latest version with the PTE installed and that no data related to the PTE is lost.
  9. Once you've confirmed your PTE is working in the WiiseSandbox environment, upload the PTE in the production environment via the extension management page with the Deploy to field set to Next major version.
  10. Finally, confirm your PTE is working in the production environment.

For more details on how to upgrade your PTEs, you can refer to Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Release Wave 2    

What happens if I don't upgrade my PTEs in time?

  • The tenant won't be upgraded until the PTEs are upgraded and compiled for the latest version of Wiise
  • The customer won't get the latest features and hotfixes available in the new release

Note: If you're unable to upgrade your PTEs in time for the final deadline for your tenant’s upgrade (which is three months after the major release is available from Microsoft), Wiise will have to uninstall your PTE as part of the upgrade.

Third-party apps

Third-party apps available in Wiise will be automatically upgraded with the release (if a new version is available).

Standard API Integration Paths 

If you have integrations into Wiise via Business Central APIs, please test your API paths after the upgrade to make sure they work.


Sandbox environments


Customers and IT providers can create a sandbox environment from the Business Central Admin Centre. These will be upgraded at the same time the production environments are upgraded to the latest build.

For the upgrade process to run seamlessly, Customers and IT providers are required to maintain a Wiise Sandbox environment. The naming convention to be used for the Sandbox can be WiiseSandboxVXXX.

During the upgrade process, this is the dedicated Sandbox that will be upgraded to the new version.

Please do not create any other Sandboxes with a similar naming convention to avoid confusion.

What you need to do

Partners need to uninstall the PTE for their sandbox environment/s ahead of a release. 

What happens if I don't uninstall PTEs from sandboxes?

Ensure that the PTE is uninstalled on the client’s sandbox environment if it was published directly via VS code. Otherwise, it may be removed from the sandbox environment with an upgrade of minor or major releases.

How to install a hotfix


Wiise applies hotfixes and urgent updates to all Wiise environments we have access to. If you have removed  Wiise's access to your environment, you'll need to manually install hotfixes.

  1. Log into the Business Central Admin Centre at https://wiise.bc.dynamics.com/admin. You will need to be your account's administrator to do this.
  2. On the left-hand side panel, select Environments.
  3. Select your production environment.
  4. Select Apps on the top navigation bar.
  5. Scroll to Wiise and Wiise Australia
  6. If this shows as 'Up to Date' there's nothing left to do. 
  7. If this shows as 'Install update', select Install update
  8. Select Yes. This will then install this update according to your preset schedule for updates.