Whitelisted apps

Apps whitelisted by Wiise

About whitelisted apps

Whitelisted apps are third party extensions. These apps have been whitelisted by Wiise at the request of Wiise services partners and are not tested or maintained by the Wiise development team. 

Wiise makes no guarantee that these apps are suitable for your business needs. Before implementing these solutions, it is the Wiise services partner's responsibility to assess their suitability, quality and performance.

Whitelisted apps

Find below apps from Microsoft Appsource Marketplace that have been whitelisted by Wiise.


Additional Items 

Makes assigning additional items and cross-selling automation for your products easy.


Advanced Inventory Count

Simplify inventory counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools.


Astral Pay

Astral Pay (powered by Stripe) allows you to collect Debit/Credit Card payments from your customers from Wiise and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Austral GoCardless

Automatically collect bank-to-bank payments against invoices and subscriptions from Wiise using Astral GoCardless.


AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals

AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Auto Email

Automatically email documents to customers and vendors with one click. 

B2B Ecommerce - Webshop & PIM in one

Launch a B2B ecommerce webshop in no time. Manage PIM data and e-commerce from Business Central.

B2B E-commerce enables you to launch an online B2B webstore in no time – managed from inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Shopify revolutionized B2C-ecommerce with their plug’n’play solution. Now we do the same for B2B web stores. You can skip the heavy maintenance of a stand-alone B2B e-commerce store.


Barcode Generator

Add 1D and 2D barcodes to your Wiise reports.


Collect 365

Get more control over your accounts receivables (AR) processes and drive your collection tasks in an effective and visible way. Increase profit and reduce risk of bad debt.

Commission Management

If you use Dynamics 365 Business Central and SharePoint side by side, then you may be spending a lot of time duplicating tasks in both platforms in order to keep files consistent and up to date. Thankfully, the SharePoint Connector is here to make duplicate tasks a thing of the past by seamlessly integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central and SharePoint.

Company Hub

Easily access all companies you work in. View key KPIs and manage user tasks for each company. Manage work across multiple companies from the Company Hub

Contract Management

This extension provides Contract tracking functionality for Sales and Purchase documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Counter Sales

Counter Sales is an affordable and easy-to-use industrial counter sales and trade desk solution built right into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows organizations to quickly and easily add retail capabilities to their system. Counter Sales is packed with all the features you’d expect from a powerful point of sale system, but in a simple and cost -effective package.

Counter Sales is ideal for B2B counter sales and smaller retail operations, such as parts counters or outlet stores.

Continia Document Output 

Streamlined customer communication covering print, PDF, and email workflows and distribution.

Continia Expense Management 

Easier-than-ever registration of business-related expenses and travel activities using a smartphone.


Created-by on Documents 

An app that allows you to keep track of who created any given document in Wiise.

Dimension Manager

Fix incorrectly posted dimensions and set up new shortcut and global dimensions, complete with associated history.


Easily drag-and-drop documents to specific pages in Wiise.

Drag & Drop 

The app that makes importing all your files into Wiise easy.

Dynaway EAM

Maintenance system with Asset Tree, Work Orders, Downtime & Cost Tracking - EAM / CMMS

Dynaway EAM is directly built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It's an easy to set up, user-friendly software with detailed documentation and video guides.

Dynamic Ship: Integrated Shipping

Easily add carrier integration, real-time shipping rates, package management and shipment tracking.

e-Con CPQ

Receive orders that look like they were written by an engineer: right specs, right price, every time.

Elfsquad CPQ

As a manufacturer your customers demand customization. Your product package is becoming more knowledge-intensive, it has a very high variance, and customer demand is unpredictable. Producers and sellers in the manufacturing industry can no longer close their eyes to the market trends of Smart Industries, as major consequences include errors in the sales and subsequent production processes.

Email - Current User Connector

Enable users to use their own Microsoft 365 email account to send emails in Wiise.


Email - Microsoft 365 Connector

Enable all users to use a single Microsoft 365 email account to send emails in Wiise.

Email - Outlook REST API

Provides a library that allows email connectors to communicate with the Outlook and Graph APIs.

Email - SMTP Connector

Enable users to use a single email account through SMTP protocol to send emails in Wiise.

 Enhanced Planning Pack

The Enhanced Planning Pack packs a powerful punch when it comes to item stock levels, forecasting, and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Essential Business Headlines

Essential Business Headlines draws facts out of your data to let your people draw the conclusions.

ExFlow - Accounts Payable Automation 

Accounts payable and invoice process automation for Wiise.

Forecast Live

For time poor Finance teams (Debtor/AR officers, Finance Managers, GM's, CFO's and Owner/Principals/MD's) who are time poor and struggling to collect outstanding money from Debtors; Want better Debtors/Accounts Receivable automation & collection visibility AND automated Cashflow scheduling.

G/L Source Names

Allows you to add a Source Name column to your General Ledger Entries. Source Name is the customer in sales transactions and the vendor in purchase transactions.

Global Master Data Sync

Manage your master data in one place and synchronise to all your Business Central companies. Save time on manually updating data or cleaning up duplicates.

Golden EDI

A state of the art, easy to implement EDI (electronic data interchange) solution with a host of pre-packed business content to give your business a competitive edge.

Image Analyzer

Analyse images using Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Insight Works PrintNode Connector

Connect your local or network printers to Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud.


Intercompany uses webservices to execute transactions instantly and allows you to look up inventory across companies, automate drop-shipments, automatmanagement of order changes across companies and more.

Jet Reports for Business Central

Jet Reports delivers a fast, accurate business reporting solution that gives you the flexibility to create any report you need directly in Excel. Drag-and-drop data from any table to quickly build anything from simple financials to advanced operational reports that can be refreshed in real-time, on-demand, and with the click of a button. Share, organise, and access your reports on the web and have accurate answers wherever you are. 

Job Manager Core 

Job Manager Core is a powerful and easy to use costing solution that enhances the Jobs module.


Cloud-based e-commerce platform, powering B2B and B2C channels online with automation and speed.

Late Payment Prediction

Keep receivables healthy by assessing the risk of late payments upfront.

License Plate Management

Easily track entire pallets, boxes, or containers of mixed items including mixed lot/serial numbers.

LS Express

Maintain accurate financial accounts, manage large inventories and live up to the expectations of today's customers.

Merge Utility

Merge customers, vendors, and dimension values in Microsoft Business Central with a click of a button, with documents, history, and ledgers all updating automatically.

Mobile WMS (Tasklet Factory) 

A mobile WMS (warehouse management system) for Wiise.

ODT Service 365 RoW

ODT Service delivers a simple to use service module for Wiise

ODT Rentals 365 RoW

Get your team on the same page with complete real-time visibility into rental operations.

Order Fulfilment Worksheet

The Order Fulfillment Worksheet tells you what you can ship today, including full or partial shipments and backorders. The app will automatically create and combine warehouse shipments and picks with a simple mouse click for those using warehouse documents. Stop wasting time picking orders from the warehouse that aren’t ready because stock is missing from inventory.

PayPal Payments Standard

Adds a PayPal link to your sales documents so customers can easily pay using PayPal.

Performance Toolkit

Use the Performance Toolkit for running performance test scenarios.


PrintVis is the ERP/MIS built specifically for the print industry, powered by Microsoft. The powerful union of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and PrintVis creates a comprehensive solution to meet every need of any type or size of print company. Large format, label, packaging, folding carton, finishing or commercial print – PrintVis is a flexible end-to-end solution that meet all your requirements.

Quick Sums 

Summarise your book entries easily and quickly, directly in your system.

Sales Order Status 

A clear and simple traffic light system that categorises sales orders by status messages.

Sales and Inventory Forecast

Use reliable forecasting to ensure that you always have the items your customers want.

Sana Commerce (RoW)

Now that you’ve chosen an ERP solution that is scalable, powerful, and future proof, it’s time to make sure that your e-commerce solution is equally capable. Otherwise, you risk stunting your growth potential with an inflexible e-commerce strategy that can’t evolve with your business and that requires an unnecessary back-end maintenance workload. That is where Sana Commerce comes in. Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them.

Send remittance advice by email

Email and resend remittance advice from the payment journal and vendor ledger entries.

Send to Email Printer

Provides functionality to use the printer's email address to send print jobs to the printer.

Silverware BarTender Integration

Are you tired of manually entering data from Wiise into your label software? Do you wish you could trigger label and barcode printing from within Wiise directly to best-in-class labeling software?

Simple Object Designer

The easiest way to add fields to pages and reports and expose data as APIs.

Shop Floor Insight

A comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time & attendance, and employee time management.

SharePoint Connector

If you use Dynamics 365 Business Central and SharePoint side by side, then you may be spending a lot of time duplicating tasks in both platforms in order to keep files consistent and up to date. Thankfully, the SharePoint Connector is here to make duplicate tasks a thing of the past by seamlessly integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central and SharePoint.

Smart Job Queue

Accelerate your automation journey with Job Queue improvements.

SmartConnect Change Tracking

SmartConnect data change tracking ensures only new records are used in integration processes.

SOFT4Lessee for IFRS 16/ AASB 16 

This lease-accounting software is designed specifically to support IFRS 16 and AASB 16 standards.


Simplify your property management business: from tenant management to invoicing and reporting.

Solver CPM for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Solver for Wiise gives organizations the perfect CPM platform to make better and faster decisions by automating and streamlining forecasting, budgeting, reporting, consolidations and analysis.

Stripe Payments Standard

Offer your customers a new way to pay by adding a Pay with Stripe link to your service and sales documents.

Test Runner

Execute one or more tests and gather the results. Test runner makes automated testing easier.

Tinx WooCommerce Connector

The Tinx WooCommerce connector in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it possible to setup seamless integration with WooCommerce E-commerce. Start online selling of all your items with our advanced e-commerce integration solution today!

Tinx Shopify Connector 

Tinx Shopify connector allows Wiise to seamlessly integrate with Shopify.

Traditional Chinese Language Pack for Taiwan 

Translates the Wiise standard application into traditional Chinese language.

 Vendor Bank Approvals

Helping payable managers and business decision makers control vendor bank account details.

Visual Production Scheduler

A visual way to schedule and manage your production orders and capacities.

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

Integrated advanced production scheduling for discrete manufacturers. 

Visual Jobs Scheduler

The jobs scheduler uses the drag-and-drop function to help you plan jobs and allocate resources with ease. It allows you to visually schedule and manage your projects, jobs, job tasks, job planning lines, and resources.

Warehouse Insight Advanced WMS

Improve warehouse accuracy and boost efficiency with mobile device and barcode integration.


Warehouse Insight WMS

Improve warehouse accuracy and boost efficiency with mobile device and barcode integration.


WooCommerce Connector

This connector allows you to synchronise orders, items, inventory, and customers in both WooCommerce and Wiise.

WMS Express

The FREE warehouse management system for Wiise.

WorldPay Payments Standard

Get paid faster by adding a link to the WorldPay Payments Standard on invoices.

Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture

This is a document management solution with auto-emailing capability and drag-and-drop functions for emails and documents in Wiise.


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