Revoke bank feed consent Wiise 2.0


  • Learn how to revoke bank feed consent in Wiise. 


Note: Users with a Business Manager or Accountant role who had previously provided CDR consent have the right permission to revoke the consent for bank account feeds. 

Why revoke bank feed consent?

Business users need to be legally able to withdraw consent for sharing their open banking data so that they can control who has access to their business data. 

How do I revoke bank feed consent?

  1. Select the settings (tool) icon on the top right-hand corner of the Wiise Bank Feeds panel to access the Manage Consent panel to revoke the consent status. 
    manage consent
  2. Select the bank account to revoke consent.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select Stop sharing my data
    renew consent
  4. Then, select Continue. A message displays to confirm Do you want to stop sharing? Select Yes. Stop Sharing.
    stop sharing
  5. Your bank account feed is successfully revoked and updated as Withdrawn.
  6. Select Go back to your Manage Consent panel to view your list of Active and Withdrawn bank account feed.
  7. Select X on the top right-hand corner of the panel page, to exit the manage consent panel.
  8. As the user who's revoked the consent, you'll receive an email confirmation that you've revoked consent for a bank feed(s). 
  9. You've revoked consent for your bank account feed(s).


What’s next?  

Now that you’ve revoked your bank account feed(s), find out how to re-enable your bank account feed(s).   


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