Direct bank feeds for Australia Wiise 2.0


  • Check the eligible banks that support bank feeds.

Which bank feeds are supported in Australia?

Below is a list of Australian financial institutions supported by Yodlee for bank feeds. 

  1. AMP (CDR) (Australia)
  2. ANZ (CDR) (Australia)
  3. ANZ Plus (CDR) (Australia)
  4. Arab Bank Australia (CDR) (Australia)
  5. Australian Military Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  6. Australian Mutual Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  7. Australian Unity Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  8. Auswide (CDR) (Australia)
  9. BCU (CDR) (Australia)
  10. BHCCU (CDR) (Australia)
  11. BOQ Specialist (CDR) (Australia)
  12. Bank Australia (CDR) (Australia)
  13. Bank First (CDR) (Australia)
  14. Bank of China (CDR) (Australia)
  15. Bank of Melbourne (CDR) (Australia)
  16. Bank of Queensland (CDR) (Australia)
  17. Bank of Sydney (CDR) (Australia)
  18. Bank of Us (CDR) (Australia)
  19. BankSA (CDR) (Australia)
  20. BankVic (CDR) (Australia)
  21. Bankwest (CDR) (Australia)
  22. Bendigo Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  23. Beyond Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  24. CDR Sandbox Testing (Australia)
  25. Cairns Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  26. Central Murray CU (CDR) (Australia)
  27. Central West CU (CDR) (Australia)
  28. Challenger (former MyLife MyFinance) (CDR) (Australia)
  29. Citi (CDR) (Australia)
  30. Coastline CU (CDR) (Australia)
  31. CommBiz (CDR) (Australia)
  32. Commonwealth (CDR) (Australia)
  33. Commonwealth Business (CDR) (Australia)
  34. Community FCU (CDR) (Australia)
  35. Credit Union SA (CDR) (Australia)
  36. DDH Graham (CDR) (Australia)
  37. Defence Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  38. Dnister (CDR) (Australia)
  39. Easy Street (CDR) (Australia)
  40. Family First (CDR) (Australia)
  41. Fire Services CU (CDR) (Australia)
  42. Firefighters Mutual Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  43. First Choice CU (CDR) (Australia)
  44. First Option Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  45. G&C Mutual Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  46. Gateway Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  47. Geelong Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  48. Goulburn Murray CU (CDR) (Australia)
  49. Great Southern Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  50. HSBC (CDR) (Australia)
  51. HSBC Bank Wholesale Banking (CDR) (Australia)
  52. Health Professionals Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  53. Heritage (CDR) (Australia)
  54. Hiver Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  55. Horizon Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  56. Hume Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  57. IMB (CDR) (Australia)
  58. ING (CDR) (Australia)
  59. Illawarra Credit Union (CDR) (Australia)
  60. Judo Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  61. Laboratories CU (CDR) (Australia)
  62. Macquarie Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  63. Maitland Mutual Limited(CDR) (Australia)
  64. Me Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  65. Move Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  66. MyState Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  67. NAB (CDR) (Australia)
  68. Newcastle Permanent (CDR) (Australia)
  69. Orange Credit Union (CDR) (Australia)
  70. PN Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  71. Paypal Australia (CDR) (Australia)
  72. People's choice (CDR) (Australia)
  73. Police CU (CDR) (Australia)
  74. QBank (CDR) (Australia)
  75. Qudos Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  76. Queensland Country (CDR) (Australia)
  77. RACQ Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  78. RAMS (CDR) (Australia)
  79. RSL Money (CDR) (Australia)
  80. Rabo Bank Farm Business (CDR) (Australia)
  81. Rabo Bank Online Savings (CDR) (Australia)
  82. Regional Australia Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  83. Reliance Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  84. SWSCU (CDR) (Australia)
  85. Southern Cross CU (CDR) (Australia)
  86. St.George Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  87. Summerland CU (CDR) (Australia)
  88. Suncorp (CDR) (Australia)
  89. Teachers Mutual Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  90. The Capricornian (CDR) (Australia)
  91. The MAC (CDR) (Australia)
  92. Thriday (CDR) (Australia)
  93. Transport Mutual CU (CDR) (Australia)
  94. Tyro Payments (CDR) (Australia)
  95. Ubank (CDR) (Australia)
  96. UniBank (CDR) (Australia)
  97. Unity Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  98. Up Bank (CDR) (Australia)
  99. Virgin Money (CDR) (Australia)
  100. WAW (CDR) (Australia)
  101. Warwick CU (CDR) (Australia)
  102. Westpac (CDR) (Australia)
  103. Westpac Business (CDR) (Australia)
  104. Wise (CDR) (Australia)
  105. Woolworths Team Bank (CDR) (Australia


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