Add bank account feed Wiise 2.0


  • Learn to add your bank account to your Wiise bank feed  

Note: Only a Business Manager role or Accountant role with a Bank Officer function assigned in User Setup can add new bank accounts.  

Why add a bank account to your bank feeds in Wiise?  

Automatically import your financial transactions into Wiise instead of manually downloading and uploading files into Wiise from your online banking. 

Note: See the list of Australia supported banks for direct bank feeds. 


Note: When you’ve enabled bank feed features, the bank feeds show enabled on your Wiise Bank Feeds panel. 

How to add a new bank account to your bank feeds in Wiise?  

  1. Select Add a bank account on the Wiise Bank Feeds panel on your Wiise landing page.
    add a bank account
  2. The Consumer Data Right (CDR) privacy statement and complaints and access policy page displays.  
  3. Read the policy and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The Accept button is greyed out.  
    1. Select the checkbox to acknowledge the terms and conditions. The Accept button turns blue.   
    2. Select the Accept button to accept the policy. 
      accept CDR
      Note: Once you’ve accepted the policy, you can connect the bank account feed from your online banking site to Wiise.
  4. A list of popular banks is displayed. If unsure, you can search for your bank using the search functionality. 
    direct feed
    Note: When you search for your bank, remember to select the bank with (CDR) in brackets next to the bank name. These are banks that comply with the consumer data rights privacy statement that you accept when adding a bank account to Wiise.  
  5. Select a bank to get started. The How you’ll share your data message displays.  
    process share data
  6. Select Get Started
    1. The Consent page displays. You’ll need to update the sharing period data request, select the data that we can access, read up information on how your data will be treated and provide your consent.  
      sharing period
    2. Select the Sharing Period drop-down menu. Select either 90 days (about 3 months), 180 days (about 6 months) or 365 days (about 12 months).  

      Note: When you’ve selected the sharing period days, you can see Your Sharing Period duration. When the sharing period duration ends, you'll need to renew your consent. 
  7. Select the data that Wiise can access. Select Your Accounts Details and / or Transaction Details. 
    data requested
  8. Review the Treatment of Your Data
    treatment of your data
  9. Select I Consent for us to manage your data in Wiise.  
    i consent
  10. Select Connect to be redirected to your bank login app.

  11. Login to your online banking and select the bank accounts you’d like to connect with Wiise.  

    Note: The login interface differs with each bank. The authorised signatory who is the account holder who's signed the consent form needs to login, update all the accounts to share in Wiise and then, confirm the bank feed and data sharing permissions. You may be asked for the One Time Password (OTP) when you login to connect your bank feed.  
  12. If multiple accounts are added, you can select all accounts. Otherwise, select each account individually. Then, select Next.  
    update accounts to share
  13. Confirm the bank feed and data sharing permissions. 

    confirm sharing

  14. As a last step, a message displays that you've selected the accounts you want to verify. Would you like to aggreggate your bank (CDR) accouts too? 
    1. Select Yes, aggregate my accounts. This action enables the daily bank feed transactions into Wiise. 
  15. Your connected bank feeds will be added to the Wiise Bank Feeds panel in your Wiise landing page. 

    bank feed enabled
    Note: Notifications appear on the 'bell' icon on the top right-hand corner of the Wiise Bank Feeds panel. You'll receive notifications where there is an error in the bank feed and when your CDR consent is set to expire within 30 days. 
  16. When the bank account feed is enabled in Wiise, you’ll receive an email confirmation of a new bank account feed added with an update to the consent you’ve accepted. 

    email confirmation
    Note: The consent to the bank account feed can be renewed or revoked at any time via your Wiise bank feed dashboard in your Wiise landing page.  

    Note: When you’ve enabled Wiise bank feeds and find out that the connected bank account does not appear on your Wiise bank feeds panel in the Wiise landing page, you’ll need to link your bank account to use Wiise bank feeds in Linked Bank Accounts. 


What’s next?  

If you’ve disabled an existing bank feed, learn how to re-enable it.   


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